What is Alzheimer’s

At present, Alzheimer is an incurable disease having over 7 million individuals living with it in North America alone and it is one of the leading causes of death in the world. People suffering from this ailment often experience mental breakdown, difficulty in understanding, they also experience often mood change, loss of appetite amongst other debilitating effects.

Though there is no approved cure to Alzheimer disease, but medical cannabis has shown great potentials in suppressing the degeneration of brain in patients who suffer from Alzheimer disease. Research by medical practitioners have revealed that fragments of protein could be the resulting cause of the Alzheimer disease and to this regards, THC has been drafted in as a psychoactive chemical which is abundant in cannabis to be a remedy. And for the fact that cannabis is a natural means of delivering this desired THC content, it is rather cool.

To sum up these findings by researchers and medical practitioner, different strains have been examined and it is believed that these strains have the ability to subside the symptoms of Alzheimer disease. In a nut shell, the best cannabis strains have been discovered to be those that offer a significant content of THC while being very low in CBD contents, because medical cannabis strains low in CBD allow for a more active THC content.

Acapulco Gold (Cannabis Strain)

Acapulco Gold (Cannabis Strain)

Acapulco Gold strains got his name from the famous and exclusive Acapulco resort in Mexico City. This amazing marijuana strains is characterized by a strong sativa variant which is rare to see, this makes the Acapulco Gold strains a unique strain in the marijuana strains market space. Acapulco Gold strains is such an amazing class brand of cannabis strain which is widely known by virtually every connoisseur in the industry.

One of the undeniable effects of Acapulco Gold strains is that it features this sativa quality of elevating the mood of users making it a number one choice strain for medical purposes particularly for patients who dread a couch lock. Other amazing effects of the Acapulco Gold strains is the energizing feeling one gets from it. So if you are the type that likes much of socializing and entertainment, this amazing sativa strain would definitely satisfy your cravings because it lifts your mood, and keep you in a cool euphoric condition. There is also a strong and undeniable happy feeling one gets from the inhaling of smoke from Acapulco Gold strains, which means you just have a complete good feeling when you consume this cannabis strain. So when you are feeling sad and depressed or having no iota of joy in your body, Acapulco Gold strains will keep you on your toes and put you on a pace of getting things done. It is the only strain that can guarantee you relaxation after a long and exhausting day.

Now that we know what great taste and aroma the Acapulco Gold strains bears in its buds, let’s talk of the potency. Many have come to believe overtime that tasteful buds do not always feature a very good potency, well this might be true for some strains but definitely not the Acapulco Gold strains , it would interest you to know that the THC level of the Acapulco Gold strains is within the range of 19%-24% and you should already know that this is the peak of cannabis potency, the CBD content however is at 0.1%, so it is no surprise to us, the pleasant experience one gets when they inhale from Acapulco gold strains.

Because of the potency of the Acapulco Gold strains, they have several medical benefits that cannot be denied, some of these many benefits includes the ability to relieve medical patients of chronic pain, mood change, loss of appetite, brain confusion which are the undeniable symptoms of the Alzheimer disease.

The percentage composition of THC to CBD makes it a perfect cannabis strain for the Alzheimer disease.

Green Crack

Green Crack

Green Crack is a popular name in the marijuana community, though most persons find the name surprising but do not think of it too deeply as there exist not a single crack in them. The green crack is a pet for those who love sativa and they always keep it beside them because beginner weed strain for anyone who wishes to join the train of own grown cannabis users as it is flexible for both indoor and outdoor weed growing venture. The green crack grows very well on a low humidity and for outdoor growing, they work best in Mediterranean climate. One amazing feature of the green crack is its heightened energetic and delicious flavor which is a perfect recipe for daytime medication. Some other good effects of the green crack includes treatment of stress, depression, fatigue and lack of appetite. Overall, when you talk about a weed strain that carries almost all good benefits while been very easy to grow, the green crack is on top of the list.

The Green Crack is such an amazing cannabis strain that has a composition of THC and CBD just in the right proportion that will put an end to Alzheimer disease. For the records, the THC content of the green crack cannabis strain is 25% and this is the secret behind the feel of happiness one gets from it. Just in case you begin to feel very hungry, it is one of the things to take note of.

This amazing strain has a fruity taste and boosts your energy. Overall the green crack is a lovely cannabis strain and we can assure you that with this strain, you are on the path to eliminating the Alzheimer disease.

The above reviewed medical cannabis strains has all it takes to combat the Alzheimer disease, though some more researches are being carried out to ensure that an hybrid is formulated because only sativa strains cannot do the job. Note that some strains of medical cannabis would rather worsen an ailment than suppress them, the more reason why it is recommended that a medical practitioner gives his own recommendation.

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