Telemedicine is considered by some to be the next biggest thing in modern healthcare worldwide and is a prime example of how technology is being used to shake up an industry to make it run more smoothly and efficiently as possible, to meet client’s needs.

Telemedicine was designed initially for patients who are unable to have instant access to a medical professional when they most needed it, whether it is because they are house bound or because they live in such a remote area with limited healthcare.

It has however been responsible for streamlining the process of receiving healthcare for absolutely everybody in Canada, because it is no longer necessary to visit a brick and mortar building to seek the healthcare advice you need. It is no surprise then that telemedicine is considered the future of the healthcare industry.

Certain branches of the medical cannabis industry have decided that using a device such as a laptop or a smart phone to connect to a patient who requires medicinal cannabis, directly to a healthcare professional who can provide the prescription is the best and most efficient way to do it. One such company that provides an online telemedicine service for medicinal cannabis is NamasteMD.


Telemedicine for Medicinal Cannabis

One general aspect of telemedicine and telehealth is its ability to connect a patient with a specific need e.g. back pain, to a person within the medical industry that specializes in that particular field. It doesn’t require any of the parties to travel any distance, and it doesn’t require the local specialist in that particular field to become available, you could theoretically access any specialist in that field across the whole country.

In addition to this, some more traditionally minded healthcare clinics in Canada have been less inclined to prescribe medical cannabis due to the stigma attached to its use, despite cannabis being legal for medicinal use since 2001.

Therefore, what could be better than to have a dedicated platform, such as NamasteMD, that is up-to-date with a modern day healthcare service that connects people with a specific requirement to a medical practitioner at a telemedicine clinic, and at no cost to the patient.

Sean Dollinger, the CEO of NamasteMD says, “We find that many people prefer our service over going to their family physician for a variety of reasons. There are also situations in which some doctors simply won’t prescribe medical cannabis [for whatever reason], so patients are not even given that choice, even if they ask for it because other medications are simply not working,”

“A lot of people also come to us because they want to help their kids or their parents while they are visiting them. Through our service, they can sit down with a loved one and talk — via phone or video-conference — with a doctor about medical cannabis, and together, they will be walked through the process, all without having to take time off work or out of their busy schedule,”

The general trend of increasing use of telemedicine across Canada indicates a strong future for telemedicine within the healthcare industry, for now just in Canada, but in the future across other countries around the world.


If you currently have a medical cannabis prescription that needs updating or you believe that you may require a cannabis prescription for an ailment you may have and wish to speak to a dedicated healthcare professional, you can do this through NamasteMD.

Start by either accessing the website or downloading the app on your smartphone (ios and android) and start by filling in a form that contains your medical information. From here you will book a telemedical appointment via video chat with one of our medical team who will be able to discuss the best options for your condition.

“Right now, we are offering up to 70 appointments a day across the platform, but there is real scalability with our service, there can be up to 500 plus available appointments every day, given the rising demand,” says Dollinger. “The video system makes it a safe, legal and legitimate environment for patients who actually need medical cannabis.”

One important aspect of NamasteMD and the telemedical communication is that we aim to not sacrifice medical quality within the convenience of the service that we offer.

There is also facial recognition technology working within the app so that minors or crimials cannot illegally access medical cannabis. Combined with a photo of your government ID, the facial recognition technology ensures that only the patient receives their cannabis. Plus, in most cases, the cannabis is delivered to the patient’s home. And their personal information is stored safely, securely and is regulated by strict data security laws.

All in all, is a great service for those in need!

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