For many people in Canada going to see the doctor can often be a pain, both in the physical sense and in the real-world slog. Whether it’s because of living in a remote location or suffering from an illness that leaves you housebound there are a lot of reasons why it might prove difficult to make it to the hospital.


But what if we told you that it didn’t have to be like this? What if it were possible to consult a medical professional but not have to travel hours and miles out of your way, not have to sit and read outdated magazines in sterile waiting rooms for what feels like an eternity? Well, you might have guessed where we’re going with this but that’s exactly what we’re telling you. We’d like to introduce you to the NamasteMD app.


You may have been unaware of telemedicine before now but we can promise you that after you read this article you’ll be glad to know about it. Telemedicine, simply put, is the process of medical consultation by phone. Whereas in the past you had to ring up a number and hope you were talking to someone who knew what they were talking about, today things are much more sophisticated. With modern telemedicine, you can have an online video consultation with a licensed medical professional who will offer you advice and can even provide licensed recommendations for the medications you need. This is what the NamasteMD app can offer its customers.

A Leading Specialist

Launched in January of 2018 this brand new app designed and brought to you by the good folks here at Namaste offers its users in Canada the chance to consult, in the most convenient way possible, with a licensed health care practitioner. Understanding the needs of patients, NamasteMD built a totally free app that won’t limit the most vulnerable from getting their medication any longer.


NamasteMD is the leading app of its kind in Canada. With the ability to serve thousands of patients with licensed medical recommendations it is the tip of the spear when it comes to medical marijuana use in Canada. The medical professionals that patients will be connected with are all PIPEDA compliant and prescribe medicinal marijuana as outlined in the ACMPR. Once patients have availed of the service and been approved by the nurses they will be automatically registered with the partnered producers.

namaste md app

Easy and Convenient to Use

In order to avail yourself of this fantastic service, you need only follow a few simple steps. Firstly, of course, download the Namaste MD app which is free. You can get this app on iPhone or iPad. Once you’re onto the app you will be asked to consult a short medical form. This brief questionnaire is designed to get you talking to the right person in the shortest amount of time possible. It will ask you a series of questions that will get you connected with someone who can deal with your unique condition with the most amount of expertise.


Following that stage, you will be asked to schedule an appointment. Choose the time that is most convenient for you to speak with a healthcare practitioner who will offer you the best advice. Once you’re good to go to your online consultation where you will speak one-on-one to a specialist. In this video consultation, you will be given the very best advice or prescription, if necessary, to deal with your health troubles.


After you have spoken to the licensed nurse practitioner you will be given helpful advice and, if the nurse sees fit, your medical marijuana recommendation. What could be simpler or easier? Though it has only been released relatively recently the customers of NamasteMD are pleased with the results. Feedback has been overwhelming positive and from here things can only get better.

What Are You Waiting For?

If you or someone you know struggles to make it to their scheduled appointments for whatever reason, this app is for you. Whether your situation is restricted due to your illness or if you simply don’t have the time to travel miles out of your way for a consultation this app will change your life. It’s free to use so, if you live in Canada, there is zero reason why you shouldn’t try it. Download the NamasteMD app today and never be without your prescriptions again.


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