What is cannabis ?

Cannabis for medical use is no longer a new phenomenon in the world today especially in countries that have flexible cannabis laws. For us out here, we are enjoying quite a flexible cannabis regulation and just in case you are curious of where I stay, may be you would get a good clue down the article.

Medical cannabis is a frequently used term in the cannabis industry and the term refers not only to the usage of cannabis for medical purposes but also its pure extraction all for the purpose of treating a disease or improve on a particular symptom. Many persons have asked me if there is a different between cannabis used for medical purposes and the conventional recreational cannabis and I do tell them yes there is. I know you are shocked nut I guess I have my reasons. Medical cannabis are same as recreational cannabis but medical cannabis ought to be a strictly selected version by an expert grower or a trained herb doctor. Another difference is that not every cannabis strain has the ability to cure every ailment, hence the need to know every specie by name.

The medical attributes attributed to cannabis comes from the content level of its active ingredients that is the CBD and the THC level. Every cannabis strain has its measure of this active ingredients and depending on the ailment, a particular cannabis strain could have the prefect composition needed to put that ailment or disease to rest.

As we rightly know, the categories includes the cannabis sativa and the cannabis indica, though there exist hybrids nowadays which are the combination of the both the sativa and indica strains aimed at attaining a particular composition for combatting some stubborn ailments or disease.

For the records, Sativa strains are low CBD while being fairly high in THC. sativa strains tends to have effect on the mind more than it does on the body and these kinds of strains are effective for treating conditions such as cancer, AIDS, migraines, stress and depression, as a result of this, Sativa strains are best suited for day usage. Indica strains on the contrary has relatively high THC and CBD levels. So it is more of a total package, it has the high feeling and also do the medical duties as well. To this regards, indica strains are effective in treating conditions like pain, tremors, arthritis. Indica strains are better used in the evening or at night. While the sativa strains are usually recommended for daytime usage.

In this article, we would be highlight 5 cannabis strains which we classify as the best strains for medical usage in the industry today. These cannabis strains have proven themselves worthy in the industry over the years with the tons of amazing and outstanding testimonies they tender to medical cannabis patients. These 5 cannabis strains are either sativa, indica or hybrid cannabis strains all having their respective proportions of THC and CBD.

Russian Assassin

Russian Assassin

Russian assassin is from the family of cannabis indica, this cannabis strain is good at what it does, combatting ailments with symptoms of pain and discomfort, mostly effective for ailments such as Multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease. So many medical cannabis patients can testify to the Russian assassin and for us out here, it is simply an amazing cannabis strain. What do you expect from a strain that has a THC content of between 21-23 percent? This however makes the Russian assassin a night time cannabis as it helps patients relax and cause a relief for the entire body.

Green Crack

Green Crack

Green crack is almost synonymous with cannabis strain because of how popular they are, in reality, they are the most widely known cannabis strain in the entire industry and this is not because green signifies go but because this strain works wonder on medical cannabis patients particularly patient that suffer from the Alzheimer disease or simply put, any ailments or disease which reveals symptoms stress, depression, fatigue and lack of appetite. The green crack features a THC content of about 25% which is on the high side if you ask me and this makes the green crack a daytime medication.

When you talk about a cannabis strain that bares almost all the benefits of a cannabis strain, the green crack surfaces.

Dark Blue Dream (hybrid)

Dark Blue Dream (hybrid)

At the sound of the Dark blue dream cannabis strain, ailments like the cancer and the almighty Parkinson’s disease run in obscurity and this is because the Dark blue dreams is a fighter cannabis strain. For the records, Dark blue dream is an indica dominant hybrid cannabis strain which allows you to relax and shove off stress, depression and chronic pains. This cannabis strain is definitely one in a million.

OG Kush cannabis strain

OG Kush cannabis strain

The OG Kush is a balanced cannabis strain, having a THC content of 15 – 18%. So instead of getting drowsy, you experience an energetic feel on your body which lasts long.

This cannabis strain is usually recommended to patients that suffer from anxiety, depression and excessive mood swings.

Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web weed

Charlotte’s web was nick named after a young girl named charlotte who was seeking for standard pharmaceutical treatment for her re occurring epileptic seizures but all to no avail. The CBD content of charlotte’s web about 20% while the THC content is about 0.5%. The low THC content associated with the charlotte’s web is not a weakness, as a matter of fact, it has been discovered that low THC sativa strains has the tendency of eliminating medical conditions that has refused to give way to medical treatments in the form of pharmaceuticals. This amazing strain addresses epileptic seizures, and it is a relevant medication in combatting symptoms of cancer.

The above highlighted cannabis strain are the best cannabis strain for medical usage in the entire industry right now and just in case you desire to combat any depression, anxiety, stress, pain and any condition that affects your wellbeing, all you need to do is to check if such conditions feature among the qualifying conditions for medical cannabis and you can get one of this strains from any licensed dispensary around you. For us out here in Canada, there are several dispensaries to get your strains with ease. I will strongly recommend you visit this guys here for quick and fast tracking time



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